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It’s grown to become something of an artform, and there are countless filler text generators sprinkled around the web that provide a modern take on this classic staple of the design industry.

The Two Most Popular Dummy Texts The two most famous types of dummy text are:- Lorem Ipsum Li Europan Lingues The Modern Alternatives Many modern alternatives often incorporate humor or other content that actually detracts from the primary purpose of filler text: to be unobtrusive, yet provide the feel, look, and texture of filler text. use filler text that has been edited for length and format to match the characteristics of real content as closely as possible To avoid creating a distraction, when starting a new design project, we always go back to one of the old mainstays: lorem ipsum or li Europan lingues. 

Both have realistic-looking sentence structure and word shape, but are foreign languages that won’t create a distraction during a design review meeting. 

Other Classic Dummy Texts:

  • In addition to the well-known paragraph-length placeholder texts Lorem Ipsum,
  • Li Europan Lingues, there are several other filler texts. 
  • ASDF The first four letters of the QWERTY keyboard are 
  • Often used as filler text when a full block of text is not needed.